The Wonder

christmas 2007

christmas 2007 (Photo credit: paparutzi)

This Christmas I learnt something wonderful from my little cousin. It is simply called the wonder of a kiss. When your heart is troubled and you are frail with the anticipation of the next second a kiss is what you need.

I was so unhappy this Christmas not because I didn’t want to felicitate with the presumed birth of my Lord Jesus Christ on the contrary. Surprisingly, I enjoyed this Christmas when I was away from my immediate family. I felt the wonder of this celebration when I kissed another extended member of my family. In doing so, I was able to pass a myriad of emotions through my kiss on her cheek. Affection! Appreciation! Gratitude and love! Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie said, ‘this is love; a string of coincidences that gathered much significance and became miracles.’ So, the kiss became a miracle. It became a wonder.

My little cousin walked up to me in unintended movements which led to her planting a kiss subtly on my cheeks and said, ‘Oyin, Merry Christmas.’

It wasn’t the kiss that meant so much to me. It was the wonder. The distinct wonder that someone from that immediate family that I had been unhappy with hours back cared for me. Care enough to remind me how I should appreciate the wonder of family!

Since, we are still in the spirit of spirituality. I wish you a wonderful merry Christmas


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